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3D Embossing Gel Value Pack

This value pack includes 5x 3D Embossing Gel of your choice. By purchasing the value pack, you save $10.00! 

Colour choices: Red, Black, White, Blue, Fuchsia, Yellow, Lavender, Pink, and Grey

GelMoment 3D Embossing Gel is here to bring you a new level of creativity and excitement to your already-beautiful GelMoment nails.

With our 3D Embossing Gel, you will have the ability to create a whole new dimension of art; literally! In fact, it will take you into the third dimension and bring physical life to your imagination.

With a great assortment of colours, you will be able to mix and match, build and create to your hearts desire all shapes and features.

Designed with an intuitive nozzle to help you make focused creations, you will be able to draw the art directly onto the nail from the 3D Gel unit.

Actual colour may vary slightly.

  • $50.00

3D Embossing Gel

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3D Embossing Gel - Yellow
3D Embossing Gel - Grey
3D Embossing Gel - Pink
3D Embossing Gel - Lavender
3D Embossing Gel - Red
3D Embossing Gel - Fuchsia
3D Embossing Gel - Blue